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Patently Female:
From Azt to TV Dinners, Stories of Women Inventors and Their Breakthrough Ideas
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A Note From the Publisher!

From the authors of the bestselling Mothers of Invention, a look at the trials and triumphs of great women inventors.

Did you know that a woman invented the first computer language? What about the space suit, Jell-O, signal flares, graphic-based computer games, the windshield wiper, the paper bag, bone marrow transplants, and artificial diamonds? Patently Female will reveal the stories behind these remarkable innovations, and introduce you to the even more remarkable women who made them. You'll meet the designer of the disposable diaper, the creator of Kevlar, and the woman who became America's first black millionaire by mixing up hair conditioner in her laundry tub.

You'll travel to the future with Randice Altschul, inventor of the disposable phone, the next great breakthrough in communications; and to the stars with Donna Shirley, whose Rover landed on Mars. Packed with photographs, Patently Female proves Edison wrong: invention isn't ten percent inspiration, it's one hundred percent inspirational.

Ethlie Ann Vare (Los Angeles, CA) is a television writer/producer. Greg Ptacek (Los Angeles, CA) is a writer and marketing executive.

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